Friday, October 25, 2013

Cool Shit 10/25

I'm fascinated by the North Yungas Road, or perhaps more appropriately titled, the "Death Road." Here's a quick look and explanation to help explain that moniker.

Sometimes having too much surveillance can be a bad thing in our society. No I'm not talking about the NSA checking all of our email, I'm talking about creepy google street view images.

A relatively brief, but as always interesting interview with Bill Murray who now owns some sort of share of a vodka. Because of course he does.

If you're an Arcade Fire fan, you'll enjoy being able to stream their whole album right here, right now...

A story about Lean, the Instagram marketplace for Lean, and how dangerous it can all get when talking to drug dealers on the Internet.

Cliff diving is simply crazy. I've jumped/dived from 10 meters before and it's scary enough. I can't imagine being able to time an intricate dive from much higher without something going wrong. Which makes these pictures all the more fantastic. Also, any mention of cliff diving allows me to include one of my favorite internet videos of all time...

3 Seconds from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

It's sold out, but if you're a Star Wars fan maybe you should bookmark it and check back regularly in case they make more. Because it's a cool poster.

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