Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cool Shit 10/30

Tom Waits played the Bridge School benefit over the weekend. Here's a lot of footage from that show.

I understand that the small scale gold mining in the Amazon river basin is bad for the environment, but I have to admit the idea of having the title "Gold lord," is really intriguing for me. And it also reminds me of the show Tales of the Gold Monkey, which I watched religiously:

I'm not sure which is more absurd in this list of sexual positions from Cosmo - the diagrams or the descriptions. But I do think that if this is the kind of advice it is regularly doling out to its female readership, that the woman's magazine industry is just a ploy to keep women in their place. Did you notice that in all 16 positions the guy is pretty much sitting there doing nothing?

So this is probably the creepiest thing you will see in your entire life. Apparently beggars in Jakarta Indonesia use monkeys wearing old clothes and doll heads to help them beg. I don't know which is scarier though - the dressed up creepy monkeys, or the people that offer money to the dressed up creepy monkeys.

In case you were wondering about the pop culture popularity of witches, zombies and vampires within the last 20 years, here's a handy chart. I never thought witches would recover from Bewitched!

If this link sets you off into a world of illegal computer hacking, please don't come back and blame me. Or hack into my computer.

Turning our attention to the cosmos, please enjoy these never before published photos of deep space, and some of the stuff in deep space. Perfect for wallpapers!

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