Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cool Shit 10/24

By now, I'm sure if you're a fast food aficionado (and if you are, you should stop), you know about the secret menu at In and Out Burger. But did you know there's a secret menu at McDonalds? As long as you define secret menu as "different items jammed together and given a clever name."

Probably as close as you're going to get riding in a desert mountain bike competition. And honestly, it's pretty close...

Take a look at how the United States searches for their porn, and be shamed and intrigued at the same time. Just like when you masturbate!

If you want to practice 17th century Icelandic magic (and really, who doesn't want to?), you're going to have to find a friend and make a deal with him so after he/she dies you can dig up the corpse and use their skin for some necropants.

Or, if you want to bag the whole 17th century Iceland magic thing but still have a hankering for human skin, you can check out this site. But be warned, it's plenty pricey! (And also quite possibly illegal.)

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