Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cool Shit 10/16

If there's no recipe for Bathtub Gin in this Urban Guide to Moonshining, I'm taking my ball and going home!

I guess the moral of this internet article (if internet articles can have morals) is that television shows, if given enough time, can evolve into something halfway decent. So I guess The Blacklist has some hope. And I guess Revolution is the exception that proves the rule.

You can have your Banksy. I want my grafitti to be clever and funny without having to think about it.

Oh sure the studios want you to think these movie urban legends have a simple explanation, but I'm not buying into at all. 3 Men and a Baby definitely was a haunted set!

A guide to all things Pearl Jam, and where those things rate on a scale of underrated, overrated or properly rated. Though I'm not in the know, I'm sure the article was written due to the new album being out. Related, here's a single of that new release:

Who better to recommend a cook book than a chef?

Hey! Remember when we all watched The Conversation and saw how paranoid Gene Hackman got by the end? And we thought to ourselves, "man the 70s were a time of distrust!" And then his character kind of came back in Enemy of the State, and we thought to ourselves, "yeah that's how a crazy paranoid person would grow up from the 70s to today. And we laughed and laughed and laughed? Well, this article suggests surveillance isn't like that at all. It's much much worse. Have fun not being tracked!

For whatever reason, I like the idea of local foraging for food. I've gone out and looked for ramps in season, (but always come away empty handed. Unfortunately, I'm not a big mushroom guy so while I'm intrigued by the hunters, I don't want the bounty.

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