Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Got You Covered: The Beatles

I like a good cover song. Key word there being "good." To me, that means the cover has to pay tribute to the original song, while also providing its own distinctive flair. This series will delve a into the covers world, with each post tackling a different artist and offering a look at how they are being covered. My intentions are also to dive (a little) deeper beyond the songs you may have heard a bunch of times already, and look for the more interesting sounding covers you might not be aware of. Please don't accept this list of covers as a "be all end all." I realize lists are just made for argument's sake. This list is simply to share stuff you might not know exists.

Today's artist: The Beatles (why not start at the top?)

A Day in the Life - Lee Rittenour

Basically, this is what I assume I'd hear in an elevator, or dentist's office. A soothing, lite jazz take on the classic song. But that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Particularly the breakdown part, where Lee indeed, breaks it down!

Drive My Car - Bobby McFerrin

The Michael Winslow of the music world takes on the Beatles and doesn't embarrass himself. Well, it's debatable and up to you to decide for yourself whether you think he's always embarrassing himself.

Eleanor Rigby - Vanilla Fudge

The drugs of the early 70s must have been fantastic. Also, seriously I swear you will start recognizing the song 3 minutes in.

Lady Madonna - Caetano Veloso

Honestly, this feels like it would be playing in the background of a Peter Sellers movie where he awkwardly attempts to pick up a woman.

Oh Darling - Huey Lewis & the News

It begins as a fairly traditional rendition of one of the Beatles more underrated songs, but then the harmonica comes in, and you feel the "bluesyness" of the whole thing.

Rocky Raccoon - Richie Havens

This might be the greatest thing on Youtube.

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gdr said...

Hide Your Love Away. DiNizio loves The Beatles, plus I was there. Front row, almost impossible not to see me in this footage but somehow I'm not there.

You could have your own Gov't Mule post. Preferably 90's era before Haynes thought it was important to be a good singer and was more gruff and nasty. Hence 'She's So Heavy Jam' and not one with lyrics.

And while you're at it, Havens desrves his own post as well.