Monday, October 28, 2013

Cool Shit 10/28

Mary Carver, of Simon and Simon passed away this weekend. She was 89. Sad as this news is, it does give me reason to post this…

It's crazy to me the path companies sometimes take toward turning as big a profit as they can. Take for example airlines. This article says they are making seats smaller, in order to get more of them into the plane. Which of course goes against the trend of people getting bigger. Something has to give. Unfortunately it seems it will be a seat once a stockier character sits in one.

Want to make an appearance at your next Halloween party? Take a look at this list of costumes you can buy off Etsy. And cry.

Real life and fiction are mixing like a Dark Tower novel! The hotel that was the inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining is planning to dig up a pet cemetery in order to expand. Which begs the question: Who put a pet cemetery so close to a hotel in the first place? Also, even Stephen King thinks this is a little preposterous.

Speaking of Stephen King, enjoy this look at the theory that he killed John Lennon, as well as 9 other literary conspiracies.

So you want to keep your computer activities hidden from the NSA. Good luck with that. But here are at least a few tips so that your "furry yiffing" folder on your hard rive is a little tougher for them to find.

I was really kind of hoping that news that the Following had been renewed for season 2 was no more than some sort of fever dream. Apparently it wasn't. Quite possibly the worst show on television.

And finally, the greatest Halloween costume ever. There is no debate.

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