Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cool Shit 10/31

Now this looks like a good, honest to god scary movie!

So when Yellowstone eventually explodes, it's going to be even bigger than we thought. Gotcha.

At first, I figured I could beat this guy's record for driving cross country by a significant amount. But after reading all of the planning, preparations and modifications he went through, I probably would only beat him by like an hour or so.

This link is for the serious drinker. I'm talking really serious.

The spy agency you most likely have never heard of. But they've probably heard of you.

If you believe that the locations of horror movies hold some sort of scary power, this map of horror movie locations will be invaluable to you.

Good lord even Russian board games look too scary to play.

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gdr said...

I'm with thirtyoneseventeen. Not sure if I believe the cross country driving record was broken.