Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cool Shit 10/2

There's a lot revealed in this small interview with the lead singer of GWAR. I won't spoil it for you.

And here is GWAR covering the Bill Ocean classic, Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Car:

GWAR covers Billy Ocean

I loved, LOVED Unsolved Mysteries. Sure, Lifetime has some new, updated version of it, but don't be fooled; don't waste your time. It doesn't have Robert Stack. And it doesn't create the creepy ambience the original series was able to do so well. This post reminiscing about the original gets that, and pays homage to Mr. Stack and the original.

Now, I used to have links to the scariest Unsolved Mysteries episode ever, but apparently YouTube recently went through a purge and eliminated most of the Unsolved Mysteries episodes from their site. Of course, there are ways to still see them...Perhaps if you are persistent enough and look for "Robert SInack" you might have some luck...

To quell your thirst for the show, here's a small reminder of what Wednesday nights brought us...

So, Breaking Bad is over, and we'll never ever have another show like Breaking Bad, long live Breaking Bad. But here's a list of shows that have the possibility of filling the huge Breaking Bad hole in your television soul.

It's weird to think about putting together a list of 100 books you feel are the best and mean the most to you, but that's exactly what Mr. David Bowie did, and you can take a look at that list. And maybe, if you get through them fast enough, become a rock god like him.

It's never been a secret that Stephen King didn't like Kubrick's version of The Shining. What may have been a secret is why. But don't ask me, I've neither read nor seen the movie.

Dear men - you aren't the only ones who cheat. In fact, there are women out there that want to cheat too. Though it's not a comfortable thought, it's a little bit refreshing to see women out there treat the idea the same way as men have for so many years. And Ashley Madison has made it easier for everyone.

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