Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cool Shit 10/22

Life hacks are becoming the cinderblocks the internet is propped up on in the front yard of life. So I would feel weird not passing these along to you.

Television conspiracies sounds great on paper, but once you apply these theories to the shows, they quickly fall apart, like so many real conspiracies. Still, I won't give up belief that The Fall Guy was a thinly veiled metaphor for the death of communism during the Cold War.

Sorry to buzzkill your apocalyptic fantasies of zombie outbreaks across the world, doomsday preppers, but it seems our ecosystem, and more specifically the animal kingdom, wouldn't allow it to be possible. That and the whole thing about zombies being completely fictitious.

Mental Floss currently killing it with its Calvin and Hobbes stuff. Here are 7 facts you might not have known about the iconic comic.

The concept of traveling in space will probably happen within our lifetimes. But it's a concept so young and fresh and weird and crazy and breathtaking that it is still something that holds wonder and affects us. Here the people that made it possible talk about how these ideas affect them and all of humanity. Basically, if you like space, you'll like this small documentary.

Aside from Sleepy Hollow (which I'm still not sure why it's successful) The Popcorn Trick was pretty spot on with being able to pick out the clunkers of the Fall television season. Which I guess means we should be hired to consult for the networks obviously.

The company behind Sriracha is not like other companies. The CEO is not like other CEOs. All he wants is his product to be widely available. Seems like he's doing a decent job, no?

A poster of fictitious beers. And there are plenty I imagine you have never heard of.

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