Monday, January 11, 2010

Links of Interest 1/11

The New Yorker takes on the show, Jersey Shore.

The all-male writing room.

Sometimes, a voiceover in a movie can work.

If you’re really into April Fool’s Day, you’re probably starting to prepare now. Here’s some help.

This is a fantastic endeavor, and one I woulf love to try in the city of Philadelphia. Now, who wants to sponsor me?

Television families aren’t the Brady Bunch anymore. Actually, bad example since that union was based on 2 broken homes. Leave it to Beaver? I can’t know for sure as it was in black and white, and…yuck.

Pictures of the moon. Mostly stuff you’ve never seen before.

Pee Wee Herman returns!

The oral (not that oral, sicko!) history of disco.

I know when I need my pop culture mixups explained, I turn to Patton Oswalt.

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