Monday, January 4, 2010

Links of Interest 1/4

The top rented movies of 2009.

The gadgets of 2010.

Sure everyone has a favorite muppet, but what about a list of least favorites?

Alright, I’m jumping into the Apple “Tablet” forecasting. Or rather, I’m linking to a great piece that guesses what the “tablet” will be for everyone. Because I have to admit, I had the same thought Jobs allegedly did when he saw the “tablet.”

Science fiction weapons that aren’t science fiction.

Biggest surprise of this article? Phyllis Diller is still alive.

Who doesn’t want to see a photo gallery about living amongst the world’s slums?

People living on food stamps.

Finding a deli in New York is harder than you think.

I can’t speak to the authenticity of these toys, as this is just a link with pictures. But even if they are fake they’re offensive and overtly sexual, so be warned.

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andersna75 said...

Isn't it amazing that almost all of the states that increased in food stamp use were also blue on the electoral college map in the 2008 election? What a strange coincidence! 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate? GooOOO Karl Marx!!