Thursday, January 21, 2010

Links of Interest 1/21

Interview with Tony Clifton.

I’m really not sure how these superheroes could really help you.

The idea of buyouts stink – unless someone offers me one.

An essay about the late night television landscape and how the internet affects how people react to it.

Ski jump mishaps.

I like the 15 second Macgruber sketches on Saturday Night Live because each one executes a one note punch line well. Fleshing out the character (who is already based on a fictional character) for a feature length movie, is a little concerning.

The plight of the repo man.

Sure James Cameron is a dick. But we still have to give him credit for continuing to push the boundaries of filmmaking.

A roundtable discussion with the directors from 2009 that are the odds-on favorites to be Oscar nominated. (via pop candy)

Myths about the American Revolution. (via kottke)

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