Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Links of Interest 1/13

A simple love story of two women getting married, while one is incarcerated.

Conan’s press release yesterday about his future plans. Stay classy, NBC.

I’m not sure many of you have even heard of the new comedy Blue Mountain State. I accidentally stumbled upon a “sneak” preview of it the other night, and got through about 10 minutes before I had to turn it off. This review does very well in explaining why.

I will say I did get a chuckle when I heard one of the creators goes by the name, “Romanski.” Too bad he couldn’t use the same cleverness in the show.

The band OK Go – of the famous treadmill video – are back at it again. Damn if these guys haven’t figured out the fucking pop culture landscape right now. I’m tempted to buy their album simply to support their future endeavors.

Is this a news intro or the opening to a Steven Bochco series? And I've got to see Greg Moody report - I hope he's still around.

The point is – WITI in Milwaukee has some fantastic openings for their news.

Director Eli Roth is coming out with a book about the business and his adventures in it. You can read an excerpt of it here.

Because I can. Bill Murray’s lounge act from SNL.

Sometimes it seems, people put more effort into the con then they would have to put into a legitimate life.

I’m not worried about the 30-50 foot sized ones that will most likely burn up in the atmosphere. I’m worried about the ones that require an oil rig crew to go up and destroy.

Trailer for the new HBO show Treme, about New Orleans’ musicians living in a post Katrina world.

No, this isn’t a deforested shot of Pandora. It’s Mars! (via mentalfloss)

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