Friday, January 8, 2010

Links of Interest 1/8

Disappearing in the mountains of Chile. Accident or something more sinister?

Fast food and chain restaurants lying about calorie amounts in their food? What’s the opposite of shocked?

Want to live to be 100? You might want to watch this.

I like books, so I’ll continue to link to lists like this one.

You know those KY Jelly commercials, insinuating the volcano of pleasure it can deliver? Well, does it really deliver?

Planning a trip to Legoland? Here are some helpful tips.

Ten scariest moments in film from the last decade? I think they may have missed one - ours! (Be sure to register and vote! If we win we get it screened in Vegas! Don’t you want to see what we could do in a town like Vegas?)

Take a spin through the Grand Canyon. This is majestic.

It’s absurd someone out there thinks Frasier was a better show than Cheers. And that’s not taking anything away from Frasier. It was a good show. But it’s no Cheers. (via popcandy)

The Avon Barksdale Story. A documentary on the real life drug dealer that inspired The Wire. (via kottke)

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