Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Good...the Bad...the Beautiful #2


In honor of the Olympics, check out this race from 1964. After running about 6 miles, Mills comes out of nowhere to sprint past the leaders. I love the announcer going absolutely bonkers. Not being a racing aficionado, I can't truly appreciate how hard this accomplishment was, but I can imagine. It takes me back to Kaplan coming out of nowhere to beat Conrad during the 1976 BotNS, when everyone (including teammates) thought he had no chance.


Wow. This was a terrible idea. I'm not sure what's worse - the act, the acting, or the concept. I dare you to last all 7:55. I can't believe people thought Arsenio Hall had a good late night talk show.


Now that's a lot of surf. Do people live in these places? Could you imagine if you had to?

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