Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Good...the Bad...the Beautiful

New post series (at least I hope I can sustain it - all signs point to not likely) about videos I find on the web. each post will have 3 videos, that I obviously find "good," "bad" or "beautiful." Assume the definitions of those words will be used liberally.

The idea came from the cliff diving video I linked to yesterday - that would fall under the "beautiful" category. The Quincy theme song video would fall under the "brilliant" tag, which is why it will never make it into GBB. Anyway, enough of this...on with the show.


Here's what happens when you leave teenagers unsupervised. You get "Ron's Slip n Slide Extravaganza." I'd love to meet the Neil Armstrong of the group, and ask what was going through his head that first time down. I'm still not sure I could try it - the consequences for a failed slide are catastrophic. That's why I tip my hat to you, Ron.


Here's what happens when not-so-smart teenagers are left unsupervised. I can only imagine myself as a young buck trying something similar to this. I'm sure had I lived close to an awesome, unsupervised water park that was easy to break into during the offseasson months, I would have been included with this group. But I'd like to think I have the common sense to bring a lot more inflatable inner tubes.

Of course, you can tell we're not dealing with the smartest bunch - one person has to be told repeatedly to get out of the way of the filming; another person seems to run toward the insufficient pile of inflatable inner tubes in a bizarre act of possibly catching the victim. It's unclear. But I will give the group credit for having the foresight to bring a video camera with them.


C'mon - you thought you could get away from Battle of the Network Stars? I'll shoehorn that show into anything if you let me.


Tim said...

The physics that went into Ron's Slip 'n Slide extravaganza are questionable. They totally could've flown more than 16'.

I think this sounds like a great project for next summer.

Goose said...

I wonder if they wanted to go more than 16 feet.

But yeah, I could see us setting up something like this. Or at least a zip line somewhere.