Friday, August 29, 2008

Links of Interest 8/29

Perusing this list of "Best seasons of televisions," I love that they included Murder One. A great show that I think was ahead of it's time. I bet it would definitely work in today's environment and would really work on a cable channel. I will say I'm not loving the inclusion of season 2 of the Wire. The first season was probably as close to perfect as you're going to get. And no love for John from Cincinnati?

I need to get a relationship with a butcher. Problem is, they seem to be a dying breed, at least near me. And I'm not going to shoot the shit with the guy at the Acme, regardless of his skill.

Who doesn't like the Dude? As in The Big Leboski Dude.

Time gets grimy and steps into the porn world by interviewing Ron Jeremy.

It's true, I loved MacGuyver. So I spent a decent amount of time with this list of problems he solved without the use of a gun. (Macguyver fans should get that.)

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