Monday, August 4, 2008

Links of Interest 8/4

On a very special Punky Brewster. How high and mighty must television networks feel that they needed to educate its audience with these "special" episodes of shows that were created so that America could forget their problems. That or actors really wanted to be nominated for Emmys.

I'm not ashamed; I love the Olympics. Not a huge fan of the professionals over there - or at least the professionals I don't know about. To me, professionals defeat the purpose of the spirit of the Olympics, which above all else is competition. To me, the professionals bring an element of jadedness, which soils the vibe. Regardless, here's a breakdown of 10 of the events that will be highlighted in less than a week.

Only included because if you are already a fan of The Popcorn Trick, you already know about Numbers Stations and how awesome they are. If not, you should subscribe to our podcast. It's over there on the right.

Probably the creepiest thing you will see all year. For fans of John Carpenter's The Thing, GI Joe, and having nightmares.

Who's the bigger ass here - Lucas or Spielberg?

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