Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Links of Interest 4/1

Story about a guy who seemingly has no business as an NBA trainer being an NBA trainer.

A look at the top mascots of the NCAA tournament, and a look at the worst mascots in college sports.

A list of fake movie news rumors you may read because of April Fools Day.

And now for an article I will not be able to understand: Experimental Mathematics.

An interview with comic book writer Alan Moore.

So there are 10 different timelines in the Terminator universe? That’s more than Primer. Of course all of Primer’s are contained in one movie.

Cool website describing cool things in random places. Cool.

Ever hear that raw vegetables are healthier than cooked ones? You might want to read this then.

New York used to be the mecca for young basketball stars. Now it’s not. Why?

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gdr said...

Several comments about best/worst mascots, but this is a good 2008 read about being the Stanford Tree for the day...