Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Links of Interest 4/15

A list of famous hackers.

A mind numbing article on cognitive psychology and how the human mind and computers differ.

Casual incest…ok. Habitual incest? Not so great for your future generations.

I have stood at the edge and looked down at the process on how judged become judges, but have never jumped in with both feet. So while I’ve seen and heard the occasional horror story, I am unaware of how flawed the system really is. I’m pretty sure I want to keep it that way, though this article is pulling on my ankles.

The positives – and negatives – This Is Spinal Tap unleashed upon us.

With the economy in the dumps, why not start your own business? I mean, I’m sure capital is easy to procure.

Mike Tyson may be a flawed hero, but that doesn’t make him any less interesting.

I have a problem with this new reality show about cougars. Not the concept itself, the idea that it’s men fighting over one cougar. Why not have a bunch of cougars fighting over one man?

Another article promising to reveal the secrets of Lost. Don’t hold your breath.

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