Thursday, April 16, 2009

Links of Interest 4/16

The timeline of cocaine.

The new cartoon, ‘Sit Down, Shut Up,” from the creator of Arrested Development.

Here are 20 things you didn’t know about money.

More on how rock albums are simply getting louder.

It’s no secret men love internet porn and can be addicted to it. But what about the ordinary woman who poses for those pictures?

I love the idea that scientists can debate the existence of a theoretical concept they themselves kind of just made up to satisfy stuff they didn't have a good explanation for.

Figuring out what killed the bees (and no, it wasn’t trees) and figuring out what we can do to stop it.

Here’s a set of pictures to get you in the mood for spring.

Almost 100 years ago, the Mona Lisa was stolen. Fairly easily apparently.

The author of this article suggests we all need to give Limp Bizkit another listen. I’m not sure how to react.

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