Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Links of Interest 4/8

50 designers show off their business cards. Somehow, I thought more would be cooler.

Oh good, a wasted study to try and map a subjective notion. This time it’s mapping “cool.”

It’s hard to imagine that we have all seen the birth, prosperity and (probable) death of a city all within 10 years or so with Dubai.

In this age of shuffle and instantaneous single song purchasing, it’s cool to go back once in a while and listen to albums as a whole. Here are 25 to get you in the mood.

I don’t know what it is, but I love movies with ensembles. I’d say my favorite (and it’s tough to beat Ocean’s 11, The Dirty Dozen and Kelly’s Heroes) would be M*A*S*H.

It’s a good question, and I for one would like it answered, in case I need to prepare. Because yes, I do have a plan for dinosaurs coming back.

A list (with videos) of the worst ceremonial first pitches ever to start baseball games. Some of these are simply incomprehensible.

Now this is a fuckin’ badass dog. Pussy name though.

Someone had a lot of time on his/her hands, and decided to create models of popular television shows. Yeah, I don’t know either, I just link it.

Science fiction weapons
I really wish were real.

I like to call what this judge did trying to get out of a speeding ticket the “George Costanza defense.”


mndleftbod said...

I think I will sleep a lot better tonight now that I don't have to rack my brain figuring out what the Empty Nest studio set would look like in lego form.

tera said...

You're right about the business cards, a couple were clever, a couple were cute and the rest were zzzzzzz...wha? Oh.
The Dubai article was scary, but the comments following from people living there made it worse.
I like the sci-fi weapons a lot. But scary again were the little mini-sets. !