Friday, April 3, 2009

Links of Interest 4/3

How people survived during the Great Depression. You know - just in case.

Admit it, you’re curious just how Netflix works, and what ti looks like inside their hubs. Well, wonder no more.

Feeling down on yourself? Feel better immediately after looking at these terrible excuses for Star Wars costumes.

A-list celebrities weren’t always A-list celebrities. Remember, there are 26 letters in the alphabet.

Concept cars that never really got off the ground.

Lists are cool you know. Here’s a list of the top pop culture heroines.

Here’s a great example of what branding can do – both good and bad – for your product.

A look at the many influences director Wes Anderson has.

A conservative film festival that at least one conservative didn’t find too good.

Do you think if I show this to my boss his reaction would be positive or negative?

Cool site that collects pictures from cookbooks found in thrift stores. It’s not surprising these things were donated.

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Kwade15 said...

The truly sad part about Monsters and Mazes wasn't Hanks' hilariously awful performance, it was that it almost single-handedly ruined Chris Makepeace's career. And I will contend that Valley Girl is in fact Cage's best movie.