Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Links of Interest 4/28

What a black hole is like, inside it and shit. Warning, you may have to smoke pot in order to think you know what's going on.

American adventure is still alive and well.

Enjoy reading about all the crimes committed by Ferris and his crew during his infamous day off.

This whole torture thing is pretty divisive, huh?

Hey thanks Internet for killing the place where I go to get my jeans!

Great, there will be a garden on the moon just in time for the Earth to end in 2012.

How did your team do in the NFL draft?

A yard sale map sounds intriguing, and pulling its data from Craigslist is definitely a good start, but I’m still unsure how accurate it’s going to be. Have yard sales truly and fully breached the internet advertising age yet?

Cool timeline detailing all of Evel Knievel’s motorcycle jumps.

Cool pictures of the Great Wall of China.

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ken said...

Thanks for linking to SpotMotorcycle in this post. Would you mind updating your link to its new home at SpotMotorcycles (with an 's')?

The Evel Knievel Infographic can now be found at:

The old link is redirecting, but at some point it won't do that anymore.