Thursday, April 9, 2009

Links of Interest 4/9

What to do if you swallow a hypothetical particle. You sorta have to read the article.

Think the Girl Scouts organization is a sham but can’t stop yourself from buying their cookies and contributing to their devilish causes? Lucky for you, I found these recipes.

Here’s the CIA’s history of torture.

This article introduces an interesting debate about how we should treat national landmarks – especially ones that remember battles.

These don’t make me feel dumb, they make me feel happy I wasn’t a nerd.

On one hand, the idea is ingenious. On the other, well…it’s downright creepy. Of course, I know some people this would be perfect for. Too bad the auction is over.

Pictures from the devastating quake in Italy. Please be warned, these aren’t happy pictures.

Roger Ebert fights back against Bill O’Reilly.

Perhaps we are closer to living in a Skynet world than I first believed.

I know you might not believe this, but some ads on the Internet may indeed be a scam.

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gdr said...

I'll put in $20 for the clown auction for Ms. Conway-Bowles-Conway-Cleary.