Thursday, April 2, 2009

What does your iPod say about you?

Ok, I'm not really posing that question. Nor am I answering it for myself. I just needed a gimmick and went with this.

At first, this post was supposed to be about my recent music purchase (new Gomez, Patti Smith's Horses) but I started to struggle with how I was going to get too much out of that. Sure, I could expound on how the Best Buy CD section is slowly shrinking; how no one buys CDs any more; how people are sacrificing quality for ease when it comes to music (perhaps I'm kidding myself, but I believe my ear can tell the difference between an Mp3 (no matter what it's been ripped at) and a CD track); but then I figured everyone writes about that. Either that or it isn't 2002. So, while listening to Patti Smith's land: on Seeqpod (Seeq. It. Out.) I decided to head down a different path and give you a glimpse into my music collection and tastes by showing everyone the top 10 songs played on my iPod...

First problem with giving you this top 10: I couldn't find all 10. Boogers. Actually, I have a bizarre sense of pride that the Internet (I realize Seeqpod isn't the end all when it comes to Internet music searching, but whatever) can't find every popular (to me) song out there. There are still a few nooks and crannies bits of information can hide in.

Anyway, that's why the two lists are slightly different. There were 2 songs I couldn't find, so I simply included 12 and 13 (also couldn't find #11) to fill their spots. I'm sure you're fascinated by the solution to this problem.

Quick note: I mostly listen to my ipod on random - either full randomness or random playlists. I am currently working on my top 1000 songs, and routinely put that playlist on random. So while these aren't my top 10 favorite songs, they can be seen as a decent slice of what kind of music I like.

The actual top 10 songs...

1. Stevie Nix - The Hold Steady (28 plays)
2. Waters of March - Sergio Mendes (28 plays)
3. Willie - Cat Power (26 plays)
4. When I Get Drunk - Pork Tornado (26 plays)
5. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night - The Hold Steady (25 plays)
6. Girlfriend - Matthew Sweet (25 plays)
7. Break It Down Again - Tears For Fears (25 plays)
8. Step It Up - The Bamboos feat. Alice Russell (24 plays)
9. Ali - Moon Boot Lover (24 plays)
10. Seven Nation Army - Nostalgia 77 feat. Alice Russell (24 plays)

11. Let's Make a Deal - Dangerman (23 plays)
12. Happy Hour Hero - moe. (23 plays)
13. King of the Carrot Flowers - Neutral Milk Hotel (23 plays)
14. Fidelity - Regina Spektor

Quick Notes:

  • Yes, I enjoy The Hold Steady
  • Willie by Cat Power might be the saddest, most beautiful song ever
  • Pork Tornado is a side project by Phish bandmember Jon Fishman. It's not jammy. In fact the album is all over the place
  • Waters of March has been covered roughly 47 billion times. It's also the song over the credits of Jerry Seinfeld's documentary "Comedian"
  • The song Step It Up will make you feel like dancing
  • Even though moe. is considered a jam band, Happy Hour Hero is not really jammy if that kind of stuff scares you. However, I couldn't find the studio version so here's the live version. Which they jam out on a bit. Confused yet? I am and I wrote it.
Enough about that. Enjoy the setlist if you will...

SeeqPod - Playable Search


Carl Spackler said...

Check out the Random 10 on Fridays @

Always a fun way to spend some of your friday workday!

Drhaggis said...

I used my playlist to create a little poem of self discovery. By listing by song title, I looked at all the "I" songs to see what it said. Mine is a tale of love, loss and lycanthropy.

The results are here:

mndleftbod said...

moe. is completely hit or miss with me, some I really like and some I really don't...I do love HHH though. Warts and all Vol 2 is a good disc.

Goose said...

Used to be a huge "moe.ron" from '98 to probably '02 before drifting away. They're definitely schizophrenic with their music. I got a little bored when I noticed setlists starting to get a little familiar. But I'll dip back every now and again.