Monday, January 26, 2009

Daily Links 1/26

Radiohead playing the Grammys - hip or trying to be hip and failing?

Does Billy Joel get a bad rap here? I mean, he only wrote the late 80s and early 90s college student's life soundtrack.

Saw Che and still wanted more? How about a Q & A with director Steven Soderbergh?

Ranking the Beatles songs. I'm sure there will be no arguments about this list.

Tips on how to get your island dream job.

What do you think the world's worst smell is?

Slot machines are designed to make you fail. Or something like that.

Want to have your real life close encounter? Scientists peg these areas as the best for having alien life.

I would have loved to ridden shotgun on this roadtrip through the Arctic Circle.

Of music criticism and grunge music in Seattle.

The Ring of Fire, as it pertains to astronomy.

How the "day the music died" really came to be.

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