Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daily Links 1/27

The 80s are making a comeback. At least with shitty remakes on TV.

Here's an argument that maybe you don't want your kid playing Candy Land.

Errol Morris, photographers and George Bush.

The feasibility of deep space travel. Not to be confused with the feasibility of deep dish pizza.

Don't ever think marketers aren't doing everything they possibly can to make sure you leave the lot in a cool red sports car.

Just in case you run into one of these guys, you at least know maybe it isn't such a good idea to help them move that couch into their van.

The 9 most extreme places on the planet. I want to visit every one of them.

I came out with 25 but I really think I could take more. I know this is supposed to be humorous, but now I want something to accurately calculate how many I could take. I’m thinking at least 75.

The google drive. Not to be confused with the event horizon drive that turned everyone inside out on that space station.

Out on a floating island in the middle of the ocean, monkey knife fights are not only legal, they're encouraged.

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