Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's rename Wednesday to "Lostday"

Tonight is Lost. I apologize for not writing about my thoughts on last week's season premiere, but let's be honest, I did way back when here. Ok, so that might not be exactly what's happening, but it should give you enough to see that I'm a seer. Or lucky. Or an idiot. Decide for yourselves and what else is going on on the flip side!

The other reason I didn't write is because seriously, could anyone wrap their heads around exactly what happened in those 2 hours. While we got a ton of answers (or at least some explanation leading us down a specific path) there were still plenty of questions raised. Quick comments about what we saw...

  • I'm calling that the reason Locke was so all knowing in the first 2 seasons is that it will be revealed it was future Locke, or that he had already lived through it once and hte second time around he knew what had to happen.
  • Charlotte seems to be having some time sickness issues. I have heard (and there are some clues alluding to it) that people seem to think she may have been born on the island, which is affecting her. That would go against my theory that people born on the island don't get bothered by time travel (see Richard Alpert), but we'll see. My theory then puts a lot of stock into Aaron. It's your call whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  • Anyone else think Miles Straum (I get it!) knows a lot more than he's letting on. How did he get that boar so quickly? Hmmm.
  • Hey Hurley. You're an idiot. Seriously, I realize Ben is a shady dude, but at what point are you going to see that he really does have a plan and getting on his side, at least a little is beneficial. It's like my Nerds movie Axiom. At what point in the series do the jocks concoct an completely ridiculous scheme to get back at the "nerds" and get their chicks back?
  • Jack, you're taking a lot at face value. I'm hoping you have a plan at least formulating a little in the back of your head like you did when you had Ben's spine spliced open on the table.
  • Seriously, Faraday, after your spiel about not being able to change the past, how is it you could speak to Desmond, thereby, in affect, change the past? Were you lying to Sawyer, or is this going to pay off later?
  • Opinion about the season premiere? Loved the first hour. Liked the second hour. I'm all about the schemes, scams and weirdness of what's going on on the macro level and could care less about the relationships. Seriously, the Kate/Jack/Sawyer stuff is silly to me. But if you gave me an hour of Ben and Widmore playing chess in a jail cell and talking I would sacrifice an animal. So all the Hurley lies/truth blubber and going against Ben is kinda meh with me. I did like to see Cheech getting work though, so I guess I'll put up with it.

I'm also bringing back the list of people I want to hang out with based on what's going on.

1. Faraday
Based on his knowledge of time travel and the fact we saw him actually working with the Dharma Initiative leads me to believe he knows what he's doing. Also, I predict he's dead by the end of the show, sacrificing himself somehow.

2. Ben
Not sure I have to explain this one. He's got so many schemes going on and thinking 18 steps ahead of everyone (except Keamy, RIP) that he's going to be on top at the end with everyone else on the bottom.

3. Miles
If for no other reason he seems to be able to get food at the drop of a hat.

4. Desmond
Every time I see him on screen I feel he's about to take a flaming arrow to the chest. He and Faraday will probably be hand in hand in that sacrifice. Also apparently has some weird ability to move through time, so that's kinda nice.

5. Sayid
At least smart enough to pair up with Ben a little, even if he doesn't completely trust him. Also can fight more after being hit with tranquilizer darts. That has to be a important skill.

6. Sun
Off island Sun is waay different than on island Sun.

7. Locke
Though he's currently in a coffin (and "currently" kind of has a strange definition in the Lost universe), he also is rapidly bouncing through time. And he has a compass.

8. Jack
Currently a druggie doctor, that has finally admitted to himself he had to go back to the island for some reason. Plus, he couldn't get all indignant with you when you asked for his prescription pad to write some oxycontin prescriptions.

9. Juliet
Sure, she's bouncing through time on an island that no one can find with a bunch of people that want to kill her or something, but she at least knows some secrets of the island, unlike...

10. Sawyer
Who stepped on something that the camera lingered on entirely too long for it to be just some splinter. Look for Sawyer to be limping for the rest of the season. Which is still better than...

11. Charlotte
Who not only is bleeding out of the nose, getting severe headaches, but is also forgetting common things in her life. On a time traveling island with a number of groups fighting with one another and not too many modern amenities, it can't be too great.

12. Kate
Schlepping around Aaron to gas stations and getting dressed down by Sun...yeah not so much fun.

When will you realize when you start thinking for yourself, especially when dealing with Ben, you will lose?

List will be updated based on what happens this season. So check back regularly.

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