Monday, January 19, 2009

Links of Interest 1/19

So close to Obama's big day, here's a roundup of Inauguration Day videos from presidents past.

Joaquin Phoenix quit acting to rap?

Check out what the gravity would be in Super Mario Bros.

It's great and all that Change is coming with Obama, but let's not forget about all that bad stuff Bush did.

Scientists can go nuts too.

Pretty pictures from around the big blue marble.

Apparently there might be one or two (or 25!) cool movies coming out in 2009.

Some of those nut allergies? Yeah, they might simply be made up.

Work a little, get paid a lot. Like this guy.

Going to American Apparel to see just how they do it.

Lil' Wayne is nuts? And a whole lot more in this interview.

Russell Brand is a comedian in the UK. Well, maybe not now since he's been banned for his actions.

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