Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Links in Review - PART III

The hits keep coming. 2008 had a lot of cool stuff in it! Star Wars, True Romance, album covers and Cuban baseball. It's all here.

For Part 1, go here.
For Part 2, go here.

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Cool article about True Romance talking with the people who made and starred in True Romance.

People leaving things (and then others finding them) in libraries and other places have always fascinated me. Here's an article written by one of those people (the finder of things).

Occasionally, I'll get bummed out about humanity, thinking how stupid everyone really is. And then I'll find something on the Internet that's completely creative and my spirits will soar - for 11 or so seconds, before I realize most people are still stupid. But still.

So much bad and awful news has recently come out about our government. Here's a cool story about the good it does - on a large and small scale, seeking out soldiers who have disappeared in war.

I do like to educate when I can. Be prepared for a disaster.

What if the large Hadron collider in Switzerland was just public relations propaganda so that no one found out about these experiments?

Just imagine what Star Wars could have been...

I'm glad R. Kelly was found innocent. Not because I actually think he was (if you looked at the evidence you would see it's amazing he got off) but because he's now free to be more insane.

These are awesome (and work safe) photos of phone sex operators. If this doesn't capture the vibe of that job perfectly, I don't think anything ever will.

One of my favorite articles of 2008. It starts out about a federal case against a guy accused of smuggling people out of Cuba, but goes into the sport of baseball in Cuba,

Yes, there are still more coming.

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