Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Links of Interest 1/21

The transition that has to happen when presidents change.

A funny article about wine from the New Yorker.

Methane discovered on Mars makes the potential for life to be there or have been there that much more possible.

Want to read the inaugural speech from Millard Fillmore? Taft? Polk? They're all here.

On a day we move forward, it's still important to not forget the past 8 years.

Now that Mr. Bush is unemployed, here are some possible careers he could pursue.

Caught in a snow storm? I hope you read this then.

Cool satellite photo of the inauguration yesterday.

A disgraced video game champion from the 80s. Is there any other kind?

Civilizations that just weren't cool.

Hands smell like onions? Use toothpaste – just one of the many uses for household items you might not know about.

A cool look at the infinite monkey theorem. I estimate it would take about 3 monkeys a day and a half to recreate this blog. Actually, that's a cool idea for a meme, no? I call dibs.

Like space videos? Then here you go. There's a whole bunch of them. Including one of a UFO.

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