Monday, January 12, 2009

Links of Interest 1/12

Ever feel like your head was going to explode? Before you go around searching for Scanners, take a moment and see whether or not you just have this weird syndrome.

Doctors getting whacked out on the drugs. Important doctors.

Critic whores are those people who give praising quotes to some of the worst movies. Need an example? Here are a lot.

Will we ever get justice, or closure with the Bush administration?


If you hear the name Jesse Camp and immediately think about going to get an axe, then you'll at least know what this article is about.

Need a drink to get you down? Something like Crank but perhaps slightly more legal?

Reasons to look up into the night sky this year.

Just why exactly did Bush do the things he did in office? We may never truly know.

Blowing off the top of a mountain is currently one way companies mine for coal. That seems rather environmentally harsh, no?

Number one here is not my number one, but I can't argue with it. Who could?

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