Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 Links in Review Part V

Part V gives us Sesame Street, lots of high dives, drugs, cheating and more. Picture on the right? A shot showing the devastation Hurricane Ike unleashed on Texas, as well as the luckiest family on the planet.

Just because we're older doesn't mean we have to give up on Sesame Street, right? They still have some cool guests, as evidenced by this.

Why this guy doesn't go up a couple more feet to beat the high dive record is beyond me, unless he's at the Terminal Velocity point of high diving, in which case it's doubly as awesome. If that isn't the case, it's just plain awesome. As an aside, I used to work with a guy that moved on to high diving. It's crazy scary just watching - I can't imagine trying it.

Recently saw Cocaine Cowboys, a documentary on the cocaine trade in Miami, and how it basically ran through two pretty unassuming guys. Oh sure it got violent as the years went on...anyway, I can't wait to see the documentary about the Mexican drug trade in another 10 years or so. Cocaine Bandidos?

More links on the flip side...

Con men and cheating shouldn't be glamorous to me, but they are. I blame Hollywood. Check out this link to learn how to get ahead in life the sneaky way.

This is so completely random, yet so incredibly cool. If you click on nothing else, click here. It's got everything...unrealized love...a gorgeous soundtrack...a raq focus...and men in speedos.

The Olympics happened in 2008. For all the bellyaching people do about them, I'll never tire of them. Here are some pictures.

Bored? Looking for things that cement your sanity? You've come to the right place.

The Olympic Village. Otherwise known as Whoretown.

It's easy to say this article paints Alec Baldwin as insane. I'd argue it just makes him looks more human.

Dave Eggers. I liked his first book. Chris Elliot. I like everything he does. Enjoy them together.

You must travel through the Darien Gap to go from North to South America. Apparently, the trip isn't so easy. Anyone else have a strong hankering to check it out?

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