Thursday, January 22, 2009

Links of Interest 1/22

“Vomiting birds save icebox pair adrift for 25 days.” With a headline like that, I have to know more.

Sometimes, a meeting can be counterproductive. Learn why here.

It seems that there is more marketing behind the hysteria of 2012 then actual science, if you can believe that.

I'm going to guess the website that produced this list of dangerous college courses has a conservative slant. Just to give you fair warning.

In addition to the new digs, Obama gets a new ride. And it's not like the rides you and me get. Unless you are Obama reading this. In which case I'd like to give a shout out to #44.

Death's at the door - quick how do you react?

Apparently that whole Bank of America/Merrill Lynch shebang didn't go according to plan. If there ever was a plan.

People will put a jet rocket on anything these days.

Like to read? Better get cracking, because there are 1000 books you should have.

Turning the presidential speeches into word clouds and comparing them. Interesting and thought provoking if not scientific in any way.

The increase of privatized armed forces.

Argentina could have almost been considered Germany lite at one point.

Using the latest technology to let everyone else know where you always are.

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