Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Links of Interest 1/13

Though I've never really seen it, apparently Flight of the Conchords is very popular with the kids. And it's coming back soon.

Oymyakon, Siberia is so cold...
How cold is it?
It's so cold, oh forget it and just read how cold it is here.

Think that 30 second long exposure you got of the street outside your dingy apartment was cool? Well this guy is a lot cooler.

Apparently while in office Bush did do some things right. Allegedly.

Now you can find out where people die the most in the United States due to natural disasters and the like. Introducing the Death Map!

Everyone likes a good hearty meal now and then. These are not that.

Death Map not your cup of tea? Well, how about the Smell Map?

My office has a fax. It's predominantly used by the deli up the street to tell us what their daily specials are, using a bizarre combination of poor grammar, bad spelling and misplaced punctuation to excite us.

The art of marketing a movie:

Bono, needing money apparently, took a gig writing op/ed pieces for the New York Times. Here's his first. I hope now he can handle his rent this month.

Because Mickey Rourke is suddenly popular again, here's an Ebert article about him and Barfly - Rourke's ode to Bukowski.

Some people apparently think fooling the DMV is some sort of accomplishment. Here's a look at some "clever" vanity plates.


hendge said...

Reading through those license plates was like watching an episode of "Bumper Stumpers." Some I just didn't get.

gdr said...

1) I sent submitted that vanity plate link 2 weeks ago, where's my props?
2) Barfly = best Rourke movie. HD&MM is a close second.

Goose said...

1. Thank you for sending me that link.

2. Not Buffalo '66? Gotcha!

gdr said...

I was too mesmerized by Ricci to remember that Rourke was in B'66.

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