Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Links of Interest 1/6

Cool! We get to listen to the top 50 albums of 2008 the blogs have been raving about this week!

A sad man visits the set of the Wire and reminisces.

Death is everywhere. Be careful out there.

What do we do if a meteor threatens the Earth? We let Canada save us.

Blow a bubble on a cold morning and watch it instantly freeze.

People around the globe eat some strange things. Warning - things get a little dicey. Though I never realized those stinkbugs in my house could be considered such a delicacy.

And you thought Y2K was bad? Get ready for Y2K38!

Cool pictures of abandoned Russian boats - in Russia!

Ok, i might be rich, but I'm also down with the homeless plight...see I take my baths in a dumpster!

Lake Michigan has a Stonehenge
. And no one cares.

What are you planning for the inaugural ball?

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Cline said...

RE: Top 50 CDs

Am loving the shit out of #50 (Mates of State), and am up to #38 (Blitzen Trapper). #47 & #41 are also highly recommended.

Some of the songs are clipped to 30 seconds, including all of REM. But it's still fricking great.