Monday, January 19, 2009

Twitter After Dark

If you haven't heard or read, I twitter. Basically Twitter is a site where you can constantly update your friends with brief thoughts about how your day is going. Or what you're eating. Or reading. Or doing. Each update may only consist of 140 characters, but there is no limit to how many "tweets" you can do in a given day.

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It's safe to say I'm a big fan of it. I can't really explain why, because other than its mobile capabilities (which I don't even utilize), I've yet to find its unique intrinsic value. In fact, it's not much more than a customizable glorified chat room/message board. Still, it's incredibly addicting and I'm constantly checking and updating it.

One of Twitter's features allows you to see specifically who follows you. And because it's a global Internet application, its net has even ensnared a few celebrities, including ShaquilleO'Neal , John Cleese, and possibly Tina Fey, though I can't 100% prove it's Tina Fey. I mean, many of her twitters seem to be in the spirit of Liz Lemon, her character from 30 Rock (ex. "Halloween is good because I can pretend I'm buying candy to give away," and "I'm not ashamed to admit this can of Cheetos has been rolling around my desk drawer since 2006. And they're still good.") so there is a chance it's just a clever fake. Still, I like to think it's her so that I can tell all my friends I'm basically one degree away from Ms. Fey.

Of course, famous sports and Hollywood celebrities aren't the only ones that use twitter. There is a dark, delicious underground of Twitter that I'm not sure too many people are aware of.

I'm of course talking about porn stars on Twitter.

And when you think about it - it's a genius move. First of all, I don't care where you are on the Internet, porn is right around the corner. So it's not a crazy notion to have porn on Twitter. second of all, it makes perfect sense. The chance for porn stars to manipulate the illusion of intimacy can only help their business. And Twitter is a great place to do that. By getting their name out to fans and "updating" what they are doing when they are not "doing it" they are effectively tearing down a wall and giving intimate glances into their lives - but entirely on their terms.

But enough of the psychoanalyzing mumbo jumbo of porn stars and the people who follow them. Let's take a look at what and how porn stars use twitter - and how absurd it can really get.

Jenna Haze

Awesome fact about Jenna: Between 2002 and 2005 she almost exclusively performed with women, out of respect for her boyfriend, a camera operator.

Normal Twitter: "lunch time... breaking from planning shoots to stuff my face. :-)"

Awesome Twitter: "Okay I just spent another 14k on my wardrobe for AVN/AEE! And I still have to get shoes and accessories! Look out Vegas!!"

Jesse Jane

Awesome fact about Jesse: She had a walk on role in Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding.

Normal Twitter: "
just got back from shopping in tampa I got lots of stuff YAY"

Awesome Twitter: "
getting ready to dance at hustler club in baltimore"


Awesome fact about Belladonna:

She was formerly engaged to fellow porn actor Nacho Vidal. In a million years I couldn't come up with as good a name as Nacho Vidal.)

Normal Twitter: Seriously exhausted! But I have plenty of work that needs to be done. 2009 will be my biggest year yet!!

Awesome Twitter: "Eating dinner with my boyfriend Damian and my husband is also here!"

Sasha Grey

Normal Twitter: "
R.I.P. Ricardo Montalban"

Awesome Twitter: "
Waiting shoot a 4 way gg scene! Wooo hoo, only downside is we're outside:("

(I really wish I knew what gg stood for - if you do, please enlighten me in the comments.)


Normal Twitter: "
i don't care what you heard, i did NOT skip through rittenhouse with jess singing musical songs yesterday. okok, so i actually did."

Awesome Twitter: "
oof. managed 20 minutes on the pole before it was definitely break time. i am one out of shape chickie"

There are plenty more on Twitter and it's not difficult to find them once you get on. Take a look around and see if your favorite star is on there and enjoy finding out about both their normal lives and they're not so normal lives.


Cline said...

I assumed "gg" meant Girl-Girl, though technically it should have been "gggg".

Huge fan of Miss Haze. Would be in my Top 5 Hottest Celebrities, if porn stars were celebrities.

And Sasha Grey is going to be in a Soderbergh movie. Seriously seriously.

Goose said...

I thought gg too, but also figured it was missing two gs.

Haze is phenomenal.

Ranganath said...

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