Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Arrested Development News!

Ok, based on this article, the Arrested Development movie is moving forward.

It looks like the prequel is not going to happen, and that Hurwitz has an idea he is calling, "Valkryie meets Hotel for Dogs." I have seen neither, but am not going to start questioning Hurwitz now. Looks like the idea will follow the clan five years into the future.

And of course it's no secret that major player Micahel Cera, who played George Michael on the show is still undecided about whether or not to return.

Still no words why he is holding out, though I doubt it's for more money, If I may, I have some words for our favorite awkward teen that I will share with you all. Please check them out on the flip side...

An Open Letter to Michael Cera

Dear Michael,

You don't know me. I'm am simply one of the many Arrested Development fans that was disappointed to hear that you were less than enthusiastic about signing on for a movie. Now, I'm not going to pretend I know what your motivation is for not signing up. I'm also not going to call you names or threaten you, as that would ultimately end in lawsuits and restraining orders and neither of us want that.

Instead I'm simply going to ask you to come back for one reason - your fans. Sure, you might be sitting in your gold mansion reading scripts and debating your next great movie choice, recognizing that the whole world is your oyster. Unfortunately, us common folk don't have that view. We have to go to TGI Fridays for our oysters, and even then we're kind of playing a weird Russian Roulette with the toilet that isn't always worth it at the end. Sure, we could upgrade once in awhile and go to a Ruby Tuesday's, but that's not really the point. The point is our lives are full of grey cubicle walls and broken dreams. We need an escape pod from our dead end lives, and even if that escape pod ride is only 2 hours before we somehow crash back onto the dead end lives ship we were trying to escape from, we'll still take it.

And this Arrested Development movie is our escape pod. Sure, you might be saying to yourself (or to the 6 high-end prostitutes that you surround yourself with on a daily basis - or gigolos, I don't judge) where were you when the television show was on? If Arrested Development was such escapist fare, why did it get canceled?

Much like I assume the prostitute/gigolo harem possibly there is silent, I too do not have an answer. To paraphrase an most excellent movie, "I died that day" they took you off the air. (I will neither confirm nor deny that tears and pounding fists on my bed were involved.) Did I create petitions urging FOX to get you funny show back on the air? No. Did I write letters to high powered people in Hollywood imploring them to use some of their influence in their sauna sessions with other high powered people in Hollywood? Again no. So I'm not saying I did everything I could. I'll never suggest I'm the bigger man here.

What I am suggesting is you be the bigger man here. Yes, you can piss off your million dollar deck and the urine will trickle down onto a pile of scripts that you can star in. It would take a crystal meth heartbeat for your agent to land you the next big movie needing a slightly awkward yet somehow sexy guy enrolled in college. You are the "it" guy of the moment for that type of role. So sure, an Arrested Development movie might at first glance seem to be a step backwards, or at very best a step laterally spelled that one correctly on my first try!). But, and I'm taking a deep breath here to illustrate the importance of the next thought, don't forget how you got to a point in your life where doing a line of cocaine off a stripper's back can get you a movie deal and not a jail sentence (ask Mickey Rourke about the difference...I'm pretty sure he's been through the coke cycle a number of times by my count). Arrested Development made you the person you are, and while you don't owe it, or us, anything (as you certainly gave it your all and gave as much as you got - especially the episode where you bought marijuana) the pride, joy and sense of satisfaction you could give not only the diehard fans (quick question - have you ever met a casual fan of the show? Does such a creature exist?) but also yourself would be...just...super cool.

Please, don't make a snap decision based on this. Take your time, go to your happy fun quiet place or Whiskey Dicks and mull it over. I have a strong feeling that once you do, you'll find your heart showing you the right path.

And if it doesn't, and you do decide to pass, have fun on Nick and Norah's Playlist 2. I'm sure that will be real awesome.



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