Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Links in Review Part IV

One word for this update: hobos. Ok, you're right, there are other things here too.

The history of profiling serial killers. Strange, when I first read this article, it was referenced on an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent (the best L&O in my opinion). What that has to do with anything, I'm not really sure, unless you believe in a karmic universe.

I'm not sure why the life of a hobo seems so glamorous to me. I'm sure had I never needed to embark on a journey as a hobo I'd instantly regret my decision. Still, if I ever do, at least I'll know the hobo symbols to help me in my travels.

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Few comedians know how to be funny AND insightful. Luckily, we have Patton Oswalt.

I think penis thieves says it all.

Much like I have a fascination with the hobo lifestyle, I have a fascination with the Appalachian Trail. Which makes this article about murder on the trail so cool.

Radiohead pushes the boundaries of cool.

A true story that includes Italian teenagers, the KGB, NASA and outer space.

Traveling by cargo ship seems like you would be considered a hobo of the sea. Except it's apparently pretty expensive, which would probably price out hobos.

Above all else, I love when people use originality, creativity, ingenuity and (insert your own synonym for creativity here) to solve a problem. This is a cool new offense for football that may one day find its way into the NFL.

Surf bum math genius?

Esquire was probably listening to the Popcorn Trick to get this idea for an article on Numbers Stations.

Oh yes, there will be more. Keep checking!

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