Friday, March 13, 2009

THe best of my Twitters - Week of 3/9

A running column of the best "tweets" I get during the week. Want to try to get on the board and get instant popcorntrick fame? Feel free to follow me.

Why am I doing this? Because even though Twitter is considered such a mobile, fleeting form of communication, buried among the dinner updates and co-worker complaints is some truly brilliant stuff. Is the following brilliant? That's not up for me to decide, I just figured I'd give some shout outs to stuff that makes me smile during the day.

Last week's entry can be found here. As always, if you're on private, I'll respect that and won't quote you. Now, let's move on to the "tweets:"

diplo I'm about to attack a manatee @ lithia springs too many people givin these beasts a free ride for too long

mrdavehill Last night I bought "SSI: Sexy Squad Investigation" on DVD. It's from the producers of "Lord of the G-Strings" so I know it will be good.

mike__smith Not pleased with springing forward. Pondering establishing own time zone with greater emphasis on falling back.

janiehaddad Wish I had the Cadillac of umbrellas instead of the Yugo.

jwiltshire The best part of having several guitars within reach is being able to play the sad Jurassic Park theme while roommate tells me about her day

mmmeghan I just got a new plug in air freshener for my apartment and one of the rotating scents smells like men's cologne and it's slightly arousing.

mtmodular So we meet again, work.

debenham Just sawed, perfectly, through a piece of polycarbonate in 12 seconds. I feel like a crucial ethnic in a heist movie!

DougBenson The first rule of Mentally Disabled Fight Club? Pancakes!

douglaswolk I am starting to feel like somebody has just scribbled a "TL;DR" below all the culture I have ever cared about or brought into the world

Jim_Hamilton If you ask me what I've been up to and I reply "writing," remind me that tweets don't count and ask me again.

sunnythaper So I buy luggage, 7 travel size items, and my boarding pass falls on the floor next to the cashier out of my pocket. "Travelling?" she asks

sunnythaper It's 5am...... FIVE EH EM........ I'm either going to get to the airport early, or go on a shooting spree.

80miles A woman on the elevator just said that I look like a disheveled reporter. Well, here's the story: unsolicited critiques are jarring @ 8am.

michaelianblack Latch hook project of the day - another rug featuring a kitten playing with yarn. I'll be honest, it's the exact same one I did yesterday.

whitleystrieber Recording Dreamland on Nazis with Jim Marrs and Joseph Farrell. They are still powerful, no mistake.

DougBenson once had a cup of hot chocolate in Amsterdam that was so good, it was like drinking a crack baby. (Sorry, I skipped the "how good was it"s.)

bryanbrinkman so why hasn't nickelodeon released any new crazy chemical concoctions ala floam, gak, squand, or smud? because I want more.

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