Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Lost tonight!

After what ABC did to us last week, throwing a repeat into the schedule after telling us Lost was going to run uninterupted this season, I didn't know how to act. The week leading up to Wednesday moved tantilizingly fast, as I repeatedly forgot about the no new Lost. After Wednesday reared its ugly head however, the week slowed to a crawl, and only the NCAA tournament held my interest. Luckily, it seemed like it was on 24/7 so I could get lost (ugh - terrible pun) but now that that's on hold, thoughts can drift back to the two islands (reinforced 2 weeks ago).

The image I included at the top is a scan of some of my notes I began jotting down, trying to wrap my head around just what exactly is going on and what has been revealed this season. As you can see, there's simply no easy way to summarize it, and my head started hurting not long after beginning. But hey, in some weird way, that's why we watch this show.

Anyway, on the flips side...ramblings, predictions and lunacies, in no particular order!

Before going on, I will say I have enjoyed the subtle voice shift in the recent shows. They've toned down the mindfucking, and turned up the adventure yarn. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my mindfucked Lost, but it's cool to get a breather before ramping up to what I can only assume is going to be a great season finale. If there's one thing Lost can do, it's throw an end of the season balls-to-the-wall finale.

But now, as we (mostly) amble through 1977 on the island with the Dharma initiative, we get a chance to fill in some blanks the show has alluded to, and a chance to get back in touch with the characters. And Lost has always done a good job with manipulating our feelings with the characters. Remember when we all loved Kate? She was the rogue anti-hero. Now? I wouldn't mind a boulder falling on her. And Juliet was the exact opposite. Her introduction was clunky and her motives mysterious. Now she's a true adventurer and her motives...well they still might be mysterious to some degree but at least now we can get behind them a bit.

The biggest character change we've witnessed however is of course Sawyer. Given a chance to "rebirth" his life, Sawyer has jumped right in. Nowhere has this been more obvious than the chat he had with Jack about their different styles.

Of course, we'll see where this leads.

Other thoughts/musings/sure to be wrong predictions...

Ben bringing the captured Sayid a sandwich. Is that why Sayid seems indebted to him later? Or is there something more? Will Ben help Sayid escape?

The religious symbolism is all abound in this show. My theory is that Jack was actually the Christ figure, with Locke being John the Baptist (JtB was thought to be the messiah at one point I believe) and Ben taken on the Judas role (especially with the recent revelation JC may have asked Judas to bertay him) but I don't think my theory is getting too much traction.

The Egyptian symbolism is almost as abundant as the Christian symbolism. Is the fact that when you "leave" the island by turning the wheel and wind up in Tunisia a clue that the foundation for ancient Egypt started on the island?

Someone pointed this out to me. I wish I was this observant. Is there a reason why some people on the plane shifted back to 1977 and why some crashed in the present? Sun had Jin's ring, and Locke had a Shepherd's pair of shoes on. Is there significance to this?

Will we get any answers tonight? I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to that is "no." But I'm fine with that, as long as they continue the pace, flesh out stuff they've alluded to earlier and continue on the trail toward giving us all the answers we want.


Cline said...

Team Kate is in the basement right now. It's all about Team Lafleur and Team Juliet. Still not convinced she isn't running some kind of long con for Ben, but she's still awesome.

Regarding the sandwich, I don't think that's what it is. More likely it's a means of escape for Sayid. Do we know if Young Ben in the last ep has met Eyeliner Halpert yet?

Andrew said...

While i'm admittedly a late convert to Lost, I would argue that Locke is the "Christ" figure as evidenced by his resurrection from death. That is pretty tough to deny. He'll rise and be a leader again.

Goose said...

I know they're pushing the Locke = Christ, but they have also left subtle clues to suggest otherwise. Mostly the fact that Locke has never shown that he wants to be a leader, and that he's not good at making decisions.

Also, the Shepherd lineage certainly has something to do with the island, as evidenced by Christian Shepherd being involved somehow. Not to mention the grandfather.

Andrew said...

I can see how you could say Jack is Jesus and his dad God. The reality is that Ben is God, or Allah, or Jesus, or whomever thou thinks is the holiest. He's awesome. Ben=Three letters just like God. (surprised that wasn't scribbled in your awesome notes)

mikey said...

Reasons Locke may be Christ- Though Locke's reservations to lead may seem like a reason he wouldn't be the Jesus character, there are some interpretations of Christ as unsure and reluctant at times. Like, Nikos Kazantzakis' Last Temptation of Christ (Just an excuse to watch Dafoe) Locke sort of disowned his parents. Locke had his "40 days in the desert" when he put himself into the sweat lodge- came out of it a leader. Then of course there is the whole resurection thing.
There's no doubt they are playing up Locke as Christ, Jack as Peter/Doubting Thomas. Just not sure if it's too obvious at this point.

Though, I was on the Locke=JTB train too