Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Links of Interest 3/18

If Jimmy Fallon continues to do cool mashups like having the Roots playing with Public Enemy, I think he could carve a nice niche out for himself.

While this article raises some decent points about whether there are too many people on the planet, I think the better question is the mismanagement of the population. There’s plenty of space, we simply have to manage ourselves better. Not that I think that will happen anytime soon.

I have a huge love for open air markets. Don’t ask me why, but I enjoy walking through them and seeing the variety of products next to one another. Well, apparently this guy shares the same affinity as he wrote about one in Taiwan.

Ok, so you say you like prog rock and psychadelic music. I’m willing to bet you don’t like it as much as the guy(s) on this blog. I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard of 75% of the bands on this blog.

Here’s a cool website that tries to relate probability to everyday life. We all hear plenty of statistics and odds in any given day, but what do they really mean for us, the individual?

If you’re a libertarian, this article on “familial searching” current DNA databases will scare you. At least it should.

Because we should all know how to open a beer with a pen.

Horrible, horrible mistakes kids make with their senior portraits.

What it’s like to head down to Spring Break with a purpose totally different than seeing exposed breasts and drinking a lot of alcohol.

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