Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Links of Interest 3/24

Movies that went wrong. I don’t necessarily agree with the assessment of Waterworld. Sure, it had problems, but a lot of them were caused by a storm that ruined a lot of the sets. You want a bad Costner movie, look to The Postman.

The creator of The Simpsons gets his chance to answer questions.

And here’s another interview – this time with comic book writer Grant Morrison.

Woody Allen wrote a piece for the New Yorker.

I guess today is turning into interview day. Here’s Kevin Smith talking about all sorts of stuff (as he usually does in interviews).

An interesting article debating just how tortuous solitary confinement (in prison) can be. It certainly didn’t help many of the already frazzled minds of the inmates on Oz. And since I learned everything I know about prison on that show (I’m learning how to grow my fingernails really long, just in case) I’ll have to go with torture.

It’s very hip to create a bracket during March Madness, regardless of what the tournament is about. This bracket is for the tournament of meat. I bet you can’t guess the winner before looking!

Good to hear fruit isn’t part of a healthy diet. I don’t know what to do anymore when it comes to eating. Anyway, here are some food experts sharing their opinion about food.

Apparently, there’s a correlation between the stock market and the Billboard music chart. I think the more interesting story is how the guy behind this theory first came up with the idea.

A short article and then slideshow about...nerds? Geeks? I'm not sure we should be labeling them as such like this article tries to.


gdr said...

The Meat Bracket is real anticlimatic when you know Bacon is the obvious winner. However, it loses a lot of credibility when a 15th seeded Chicken Tails makes the Final Four. Absurd.

Goose said...

um...did you actually see who the champion was?

I might have to create my own tournament of meat - but then give the people an opportunity to vote and make their case.

mndleftbod said...

What the f are chicken tails?

A vegan would have picked bacon to win.

Goose said...

ok, I just an even closer look at the meat tournament and I have to say I'm really disappointed. Expect a post about it shortly.