Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Movie Trailer Reviews

Another edition of checking out movie trailers and deciding if what they offer is worth heading out to the movies. First up is...

Drag Me to Hell

You pretty much have to know what you're getting into just by reading the title. And after watching this trailer, all I can wonder is who thought taking Stephen King's Thinner and combining it with the thrilling world of mortgage refinancing was a good idea? They even steal the whole, "well you can even pass this curse on angle - something that though not original by any means, might be a twist you want to keep for the movie itself. Justin Long appears just long enough to cast doubt on the heroine's story before most likely meeting an untimely end.

In fact the only surprise this movie really has going for it is that Sam Raimi is the director. Really Sam, this was your next project after Spiderman? I guess you can get excited for the Bruce Campbell cameo.

Grade: D

Check out more on the flip side...

500 Days of Summer

I can't remember a trailer ever having so many polarizing moments in it for me to both love and hate.

Bad: Using The Smiths to symbolize there's an "edge" to this romantic comedy. (I'll bypass the 1000 words I could write on how I'm the one guy on the planet that hates the Smiths. You can just hate me.)

Good: Regina Spektor on the soundtrack.

Bad: A very weak spit take after a butt joke that wasn't, "Hurt 'em? Damn near rectum!"

Good: Hall & Oates on the soundtrack used unironically. I think.

Bad: A hokey dance number that includes an animated bird. I don't like my live action and animation mixed unless your movie has Uncle Remus or Gabriel Byrne in it.

Good: The goofy guy from Super Troopers (who may simply be playing the same character.

Bad: Kids acting like adults.

This has a Juno vibe to it (the potential hype and quirk - not the subject matter) so I'll wait and see if I go see it.

Grade: C

Terminator 4

Wouldn't it be awesome if behind the scenes people in power were subtly working to make this seemlessly flow into the Matrix trilogy? And that they were also working to destroy the third Matrix movie?

I'm surprised how good this looks. Bale certainly ups the cool quotient but I think they're striking a nice mix of Matrix/Bladerunner/Alien/insertyourowncoolsci-fimoviefromthelast30yearshere. Guess we'll see soon enough.

Grade: B+

The Objective

The only way they could have another Blair Witch reference into this trailer would be to run it in PIP while this movie played. From the "legend" in Afghanistan, to the documentary style shooting and camera work, to the entrails they find, let's hope it's more Blair Witch and less Blair Witch 2

It does seem like the director at least learned a little - basically eliminate the shaky cam and introduce guns into the mix. Color me intrigued. But I thought Blair Witch was clever so take it for what it's worth.

Grade A-


Tiago Lopes said...

No, you're note. I don't think there's any kind of excuse to justify a taste for the most unfunny and boring and hateful thing ever made in music.

Goose said...

um, thanks?

kwade15 said...

Well, Harry Knowles could hardly keep his excitement in his pants after seeing Drag Me to Hell. Not sure if that's a good or bad sign, but I'll take any horror movie from Sam Raimi, even if its PG-13.

Goose said...

i'm as big a fan of evil dead as the next guy, but i'm also afraid Raimi is past that point in his life. we'll see though.

Cline said...

Tiago makes a good point. That was over the line.