Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Good...The Bad...The Beautiful #43


There's a lot going on in this 15 second of video. The ninja spring out from what appears to be the back of a row home in Northeast Philly to kill a guy fresh from the local dinner theater's production of Saturday Night Fever; the long, tired gasp from the victim that almost lasts as long as his final scene; the realization by the victim that the war these two are engaged in is futile...I could go on and on.

Bad and Beautiful on the flip side...


And there's a lot of bad with this video. Starting with the fact that The Gong Show shouldn't exist without Chuck Barris. Why no one could realize that is beyond me.


Some guy trying out for the NBADL. Not sure why he didn't get a call back. For the hair alone.


Anonymous said...

All the same video?

gdr said...

Is that Tenuta as one of the judges?

Goose said...

only if her real name was Karen Haber. It took me like 6 viewing to get that name.

And I have no idea who Vic Dunlap is.

gdr said...

Haber's easy to find on-line, though I do see a Charlie's Angels episode to her credit. And Dunlap was in Meatballs 2, so that's awesome.

Goose said...

I wish it was Meatballs 3 with the alien - or was Meatballs 2 the alien and 3 the porn star? I can't believe I'm getting them mixed up.