Monday, March 9, 2009

Saturday Night Video Party!

Beer and friends can generate some strange things. Don't believe me? Don't worry I have proof.

As you may (or more likely may not) know, my friends and I have our own production company. And use the term production company loosely as no one has hired us (yet!). But still, we have produced some videos, and we've done it in the company of one another, so yeah, until it's against the law, we'll call ourselves a production company.

Anyway The Nectar of the Gods (what? too subtle) got together Saturday night in the hopes of creating some videos (we want to add "comedy troupe" to our long list of self-titles) for public consumption (Public consumption meaning our wives/significant others we trick into watching because we hid the link in a Tiffany's ad).

Like most disillusioned men entering (or feet firmly in) our 30s, it's because we crave attention and are desperate to be liked. Well, maybe that's just me. But you get the point: we're not doing this for money, we're doing this because we enjoy it and entertain ourselves.

Normally, our meetings wind up being drunkfests with half-baked ideas that we giggle out for a few minutes before one or all of us get fed up and leave without a second of video shot.

But not Saturday night.

Sure, that's how it started out, with 4 of us sitting around watching The Royal Tennenbaums. But then something silly and unique for us happened. We got the camera out, and in a moment of inspiration, created 3 videos we're fond of.

We like them. We hope you do too. If you don't, well we hate you. But please still pass them along to your friends. Because we're sure they're cooler than you. Also, please watch all three. Even if you hate them, it's less than 3 minutes of your life. Save it for when you're at work and it won't even feel like a waste. It will feel like you're sticking it to your boss!

On to the videos...

Sniper 101

Please notice the two playing pool in the corner. That's semi-intentional. We thought it was a nice touch. I think this is like take 9. All effects created by us.

Sniper 102

Try to catch the intentional gaffe in this one. Hint: it's in one of the cabinets. First person to call it out in the comments gets self-satisfaction.

Sniper 3

Probably the best one, only because the first two really set it up. Of course you know what's coming, but it's still funny. And yes, that idiot actually poured beer into the cup to have it spilled. The kicker? It's his house. All for comedy Cline. Bravo.

Keep an eye on this spot for more of these Dogme 95 style films from us. We got the process down and got excited about some of our ideas enough that we might even try one or two more. Hope you enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed filming.

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kgolrick said...

glasses in the cabinet. self satisfaction is mine!!