Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Popcorn Trick's March Madness Tournament

I welcome you to join the Popcorn Trick's inaugural March Madness Invitational.

I've made the scoring as confusing as possible, in keeping up with the standards associated with our site. I've also made it private to keep the riff raff out. And by riff raff, I mean people that actually might take this seriously and not be any fun. Seriously though, I'm publishing the password so how "private" can it be?

Group Name: The Popcorn Trick
Password: Network Stars

I've decided to create a trophy for this year's winner. So if you win the honor of housing a badly repaired snowmobile trophy is yours. I can't think of a better prize than that. Possibly some other stuff too, it all depends on how many thousands of dollars we get this month with our Amazon associates program. Anyway, please join and spread the word to all your friends. Winning the Popcorn Trick's March Madness tourney carries a lot of prestige.

1 comment:

Lionel Hutz, Esq. said...

If that awesome trophy isn't in my hands by April 7th, then I'm calling my lawyer. Oh wait, that's me.