Monday, March 2, 2009

Links of Interest 3/2

These pictures prove that it's at least possible to live off the grid completely. Of course, it doesn't look too fun to do it.

The phenomena of tweeting your confessions - anonymously.

The Coen brothers direct a television commercial.

What was the Internet like way back in 1996?

That delicious glass of orange juice you just had for breakfast? It might not have been filled with so much orange juice.

Question of the day - is Spinal Tap (the band, not the movie) relevant in 2009? I guess relevant to have an "interview" in Vanity Fair.

Is there a price we should pay to avoid a catastrophe? Or are we simply resigned to our fate?

Take a trip to the mustard museum.

Hummers aren't destroying the environment. Soft toilet paper is destroying the environment.

A look at how pirates rule the country of Somalia. Crazy stuff the reporter went through to get this story.

Cool pictures of Venice from the sky.

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