Thursday, March 26, 2009

Links of Interest 3/25

The article’s title is misleading, as she does forget things, but it doesn’t make her any less incredible/weird.

A DIY look at how loudness is tricking us in the music industry. Rolling Stone also took a look into this a few years ago.

What we can learn when we look at how the Brooklyn Bridge was built.

And here I thought pontificating about the Tournament of Meat made seem a little obsessive. This guy looks at the overvalues of letters in Scrabble and properties in Monopoly.

Think it would be really cool to be a video game tester? Not so fast.

When will this debate ever end? I almost can’t take it.

While the Internet has brought many positives into our lives, it has also destroyed some things. Though I will disagree about Rick Astley. He shall never be deemed bad in my book.

Sure, we’re mostly about stupid pop culture stuff, but every now and then we throw a knowledge nugget out there. Like this essay about how the issues Obama has to overcome.

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